My Bloody Valentine 2018
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× Arx Mortis

This NOT your mom and dad's haunted house!
From our name, Arx Mortis from the latin meaning "The Castle of Death!" to the professional animatronics, actors, make-up and sets this is 50,000 square feet of haunted experience!

The Legion has been devoting special attention, time and resources to actor training, makeup and costumes to make sure 2018 is the best and most horrific year yet!

× Ghost Hill


Ghost Hill is a $5 dollar up charge that lets you experiance the Haunted Woods behind the clinic. The preported resting place of one of the nine original children of perdition, the ancient Legion of Arx Mortis has taken a keen intrest the hill. Here you will be hunted by the legion and Nine of its twisted legionnaire.

Can you find the nine before they find you or will you become their next victim!

× Ataxia

Join the Battle

THE END IS NEAR!!! The diabolical staff at Covington clinic have created a biological mutagen that has been turning the poor souls of Killing Town into vicious undead creatures.

Our outbreak team has fallen victim to these creature and our numbers are too small to regain our compound...we need your help...Arx Spiritus needs YOU!

× Keeper's Korner

The Arx Mortis Gift Shop

Keeper's Korner, is located in the front of the building, and will be selling Arx Mortis themed items, T-shirts, mask, and a variety of other horror paraphernalia.